Frequently Asked Questions

Canada Field Measures

    (1) Is this a Recall?

    (2) What is the Canada Field Measure?

    (3) How will the Field Measure be communicated to Owners/Lessees in Canada?

    (4) Who can I contact with questions about the Field Measures?

    (5) Where can an Owner/Lessee have the Field Measure completed?

    (6) When will the Field Measure be available for my Vehicle?

    (7) Are there any known vehicle effects associated with the Field Measure that Owners/Lessees might notice that should lead them to stop driving the car or take it to a Dealer?

    (8) What types of repairs or replacements are required as part of the Field Measure?


    (1) What vehicles are eligible for the Field Measures?

    (2) How do Owners/Lessees find out whether their vehicle is eligible for the Field Measures?

    (3) Do Owners/Lessees have to wait for written notification of the Field Measure before their vehicle can be fixed?

    (4) What if Owner/Lessee vehicles have been previously modified using after-market parts and/or software? Can the Field Measure still be performed?

    (5) What if Owners/Lessees decline to have the Field Measure performed?

Extended Warranty

    (1) Will eligible vehicles have any warranty on the Field Measure?

    (2) Can Owners/Lessees be denied coverage under the Extended Warranty for the Field Measure?

Class Action Settlement Information

    (1) Where can Owners/Lessees find information regarding the Class Action Settlement?

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